Can I use WPS method for connecting Range Extender to Route network when the router security is WEP?

WPS and WEP are two security standards used by wireless networks to ensure their safety. WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup whereas WEP expands to Wired Equivalent Privacy. Both are widely used for beefing up the security of the network, but if you want to know which one is better, then I’d say WPS. This security protocol uses a password that is encrypted with WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal Security Protocols. 

On the other hand, WEP is a part of the IEEE 802.11 wireless networking standard, which was designed to deliver the same level of security as that of the wired LAN. Since wireless networks broadcast messages using radio, there is a chance of eavesdropping. Back in the day, WEP security protocols were good enough to keep the data secured, but with the advancement in technology, things have changed and WEP became vulnerable. Now, it is hardly being used and has been replaced by a better security protocol named ‘WPS’. 

This protocol makes use of complex password security, which is hard to crack, which is why you will see all wireless networks having WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal Security Protocols. Now, coming to the question of whether you can use the WPS security protocol for connecting to your Netgear WiFi Range Extender to the router when the security protocol on the router is WEP, then yes, there is a way of doing that, but it goes through accessing Netgear GENIE setup. So, if you can access this software to change the security protocols, then that’s great, otherwise, take the help of My WiFi Ext Fix support providers.

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